Cake pops recipe

Awesome push up cake pops recipe

0 Comments 13 June 2012

Awesome push up cake pops recipe

Push up cake pops recipe seems to be getting a lot of attention on this site as I look at my site statistics today. Since my readers are asking for more such recipes, I have listed more push pops recipes below for those who want to learn how to make these delicious looking desserts for your wedding or birthday parties

Independent day cake pops

Independent’s Day is right up the corner. If you want to make some push up pops for 4th of July, here is a wonderful recipe that has the colors of our national flag: white, red and blue. This 4th of July recipe is very easy to follow and can be done by anyone.

Check out the recipe through this link.

Chocolate push up cake pops

This chocolate push up pops can be found in a new recipe book called “push up pops”. If you want to get this book for free, Mira is giving this new book away for one of her contest.

You can enter the competition to win his recipe book via this link.

(Updated: the competition has ended)

Coke push up cake pops

If you loved Coke, you are going to love this cole push up cake pops recipe. However, don’t use Diet Coke even if you are trying to lose weight as the recipe only works with the original coke favor.

Having fun make this coke push ups using the recipe here.

 Oreo push up cake pops

I love this oreo push up cake pops recipe by Kate and I am not alone. In her recipe post, there are over 130 comments saying how much they love this recipe to make oreo push up pops! Just to show how good this recipe really is.

Here is the link to read the recipe.

Hope you love all these push up cake pops!

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