Cake pops recipe

Baseball cake pops recipe

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Baseball cake pops recipe

For baseball fans out there, this collection of baseball cake pops recipes will surely make you happy.  Making these cake balls are easy if you know how to make cake pops in general. All you need are just some additional decorating to make them look like baseballs.

Baseball theme cake pops

Made by a mum for her ‘little man’, this easy to follow baseball cake pop recipe will let you start making these cake balls in no time at all. The step by step pictures are also a great way to know if you are on the right track.

Check out the baseball cake pops recipe here.

DIY baseball cake pops recipe

For a more down to earth and DIY baseball cake pop recipe, this blog post by will be a great resource. The author doesn’t disguise the fact that her cake pops are not as nicely decorated as those seen on tv. However, she commented that their taste is great and it is easy to make if you follow her instructions.

Check out her baseball cake pop recipe here.

Baseball hat cake pop recipe

If you want to make baseball hat cake pops, rather than baseball cake pops, I found a great recipe for it. The author calls them Phillies Cake Pops, presumbly afther the baseball team that she is supporting. Anyway, the recipe give is easy to follow and should be a great reference for any beginners who wants to learn from easy cake pops recipes.

Check out this baseball hat cake pops recipe here.


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