How to start a cake pop business

Learning how to start an online cake pop business is not an easy thing. You might not even be sure that you can make money selling cake pops. However, I like you to be courageous. To take the faith that if you do remarkable work, you will see success in any venture, even the selling of cake pops.

I am here to motivate you, to make you think and to show you a bit of what I have experienced.

First of all, a bit about me. I have run my online business for a couple of years now. Although they are not in the business of selling cake pops, the learnings that I went through is applicable across different industries. The biggest challenges I see is knowing whether there is demand for your product and how to reach the people who demand them. Very often, I see business owners making the mistake of focusing too much on their product before verifying their hypothesis about market demand. I hope after reading this guide, you can avoid some of the mistakes that I have went through.


Why selecting a cake pop niche is key to succeeding in your online business

Have you seen how a knife cuts butter? That is the way new businesses need to be.  New businesses don’t have much resources so every little bit counts.  Only when a business is like a knife then it will have a chance to cut through the competition.

To be a sharp knife, we need to focus and choose a niche.  For those who wants to read more, you will understand why niche is a better model, the different ways to niche an industry and how to pick the ones that is right for you.

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Why cake pop business names can make or break your business

A name tells a thousand words. The right name is like having wind beneath your wings. It enhances your marketing effort as a good can be recollected easily and therefore can be search for without any problems. A good domain name such is much more memorable and easy to search for than a name such as

Conversely, a bad name leads to lost sales as your potential customers can’t remember what is the name of your site or they can’t spell it. A bad name can have thousands ways to lose potential customers.

The thing is. It takes the same effort to choose a good name vs picking a bad business name. Some useful experience that I have are shared below

Why domain names can cost more than $10 and why you should buy them


Secrets on how to market cake pop business

I wonder if you have ever noticed it but people hate to be marketed to. We like to think we have the option to choose so any form of forced selling is immediately noticeable and detested by us.

Marketing a cake pop business is no different.

If you force it down people’s throat, they are not going to liked it. On the other hand, it is a entirely different experience if people needs cake pops and you show up with the right product, the right price and a great service. When that happens, it is not marketing. It is giving people what you want.

So, how can you shown up at at the right time?

By not selling when you need to sell. Instead, be helpful to others and leave an impression so that they will remember you when they need your business. This is not what they taught you in marketing but it absolutely works.

If you want to know how to really market cake pops, the below articles might help.

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