Cake pops problems

Cake pops falling off stick

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Cake pops falling off stick

While it is fun to learn how to make cake pops, there will be moments when things don’t go your way. This is why I have decided to create a new section called cake pops problems when I try to provide solutions to the common issues that you might encounter when making your cake pops.

The first issue that I am covering today is a very common one:  cakes pops wont stay on stick or they are sliding off the stick as you eat.

This problem can occur for various reasons so let’s go through them one at a time to see which one can be your potential problem.

Problem 1: Insufficient ‘glue’ to prevent cake pops falling off the stick

This usually usualy occurs when there is nothing to hold the stick to the cake balls. An easy solution is to use some melted chocolate as the ‘glue’ to make sure your cake pops don’t fall off the stick.  Before chilling the cake pops, dip the stick in melted chocolate and stick them into the cake balls. After chilling, the cake pops should not fall off the stick. (see image below)

When using the melted chocolate, make sure you have sufficient chocolate so that it forms a base around between the stick and the cake balls. This is make it more secure later on when it has been chilled. (see image below)

To create more ‘holding’ power for your chocolate, you can coat the chocolate over the cake balls and onto the stick itself. This creates a ‘net’ around the balls and prevent them from slipping off the sticks.

Problem 2: Too much frosting for the cake balls

Another common culprit is that the usage of too much frosting for the cake itself. If the cake balls turn out to be too moist, the stick will usually fall off despite the use of any melted chocolate. Usually, a cup or so of frosting is enough for the cake. Some recipes might call for more but too much of it tend to cause this problem.

Also avoid the use of whipped frosts as these type of frosting will not firm up even after the cake pops have been chilled.

Problem 3: Too warm when dipping

If your cake pops are warm during the dipping, it will slipped off the stick. So, chill the cake pops for a while longer before doing any from of dipping if this is the reason why your cake pops are not staying on the stick.

I hope these solutions help you to know how to make cake pops stick to the stick.


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