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Caramel cake pop recipes

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Caramel cake pop recipes

Caramel is my favorite taste after chocolate. It is rich and is a great ingredient for your cake pops. If you have not try a caramel cake pop recipe before, I encourage you to do so as the taste is simply wonderful. In the below, you will see how different ingredients can be mixed with caramel to create delicious and beautiful cake pops.

Caramel apple cake pops

For this recipe, the author took a more healthy approach so that these cakes pops are not as sinful as the original caramel apples that we used to eat when we were young. In addition, this is a gluten free cake pop recipe, meaning it has very little sugar in it.

See the step by step guide here.

This is another caramel apple cake pops recipe. Unlike the previous recipe, the taste is slightly different due to the addition of cinnamon. The peanut also makes the cake pops more crunchy and add texture of your bite.

Worth checking the whole recipe out via this link.

Salted caramel cake pops with chocolate candy melt

One of my favorite caramel cake pops. This recipe combines two of the ingredients that I loved to eat: salted caramel and chocolate. The sweet and salty taste is perfect to eat and will be a tasty treat for anyone who loves dessert.

Learn how the recipe work by clicking on this link.

Cake pops with caramel fillings

In this recipe, the creator used caramel as the cake ball’s fillings rather than as the external layer. It is a different way of eating the caramel cake pops compared to the two other recipes. However, the end result is still as great.

You can learn the recipe here.

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