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Dog cake pops recipes that looks too cute to be eaten

0 Comments 12 May 2012

Dog cake pops recipes that looks too cute to be eaten

Dogs are super cute animals so I thought some of you might want to know dog cake pops recipe. Rather than give you one recipe, I have put together several easy cake pops recipes about dogs that you can choose from. Not only that, I try to cover the different dog types so that you have a much wider range of choices. Talk about great service? LOL.

Let see some of the super cute dog cake pops ideas and how to make them.

Puppy cake pops

This puppy cake pops recipe is very easy to make. The author uses normal cakes but cleverly adds some lollipop sticks and decorations to make the whole dessert looks like cake pops. Very very clever indeed.

See here trick here.

Bull dog cake pops

Ok, this might not look like real bulldogs but they are closet that I can find. Of course, if you have better recipes on how to make bull dog cake pops, I will love to hear from you.

Check out this recipe here.

Slinky dog cake pops

I really try very hard to hunt down this slinky dog cake pops recipe but I couldn’t find any. I searched over the web including blogs and forums but nobody seems to be written anything on how to make this particular style of cake pops. Sorry! All I can do is to leave you with this nice picture from Flickr but the author didn’t leave any link to how she creates or finds them.

I hope you liked all these dog themed cake pops recipes!

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