Cake pops recipe

Green cake pops recipe

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Green cake pops recipe

Like to have a little bit of green cake pops in your life? Then check this list of green cake pops recipes that I think is unique and nicely designed.

Green velvet cake pops

This green cake pops is made from the green velvet cake recipe, which can be found here. The cake pops are then dipped in white chocolate to add to the taste as well as to prevent the cake pops from falling off the stick.

You can see the rest of the recipe here.

Green cake balls

If you want to make just the cake balls without the stick, this is the recipe for you. The ingredients used for this green cake pops is mint and oreo cookies. If you liked these ingredients, this will make excellent cake pops.

See the entire green cake pops recipe here.

Chocolate mint cake pops

For chocolate mint lovers, this cake pops will surely satisfy your taste bubs. The cake mix is chocolate fudge with a dosage of peppermint extract. The recipe is extremely easy to follow so it is highly recommended.

See the recipe here.

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