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How to make basketball cake pops

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How to make basketball cake pops

If you like to make basketball cake pops, this round up of 4 easy recipes should make your baking job easier. Most of the articles online only showed the images so I have carefully screen through many sites to bring only articles that provide actual recipes that you can follow. If you want similar articles, you might want to check out my selection of the best baseball cake pops recipes.

Basketball cake pops recipe

In this recipe, the basic cake pop came from the famous cake pop blog, bakeralla, The blogger added the chocolate lines around the cake pops to make them look basketball. According to him, drawing the lines is very challenging as they tend not to go where you want.

See this recipe here.

Basketball cake balls

If you prefer your cake pops to be not on a stick, this basketball cake balls recipe should be what you are looking for. The recipe is easy to follow and the resulrs speak for themselves.

Check out the recipe here.

Basketball cake pops using cake pop maker

This recipe is created using a cake pop maker. This is a recent kitchen appliance that is sold in the marketplace. Its main purpose is to help bakers make cake pops so that it is faster and more convenient.

See her recipe here.

Tips on making basketball cake pops

There is no real recipe here but the comments provide some useful tips. One of the most relevant thing is how the author created such well drawn chocolate lines. She reveals, for example, that she uses Americolor edible pen and that she draws half circles first.

See the comments here.

Hope you enjoy these recipes for cake pops.

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