How to make cake pops

How to make dinosaur cake pops

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How to make dinosaur cake pops

Dinosaurs ruled the world millions of years before meeting with an unfortunate end but these giant reptiles never fail to amaze us still now. Dinosaurs are especially popular among kids, who love them to be featured in their clothes, toys and even food. So why not surprise your kids with dinosaurs? Treat them with cake pops, shaped as cute little dinosaurs and see their gleeful face lit up with pleasure. These gorgeous little darlings are a treat for the eyes and taste buds alike. The colourful spikes and bright chocolaty eyes complete the look and add to their charm. You can make the dinosaur cake pops green in colour to make them look natural or go for vibrant colours to liven up the ensemble. If there is spare time, you can also make dinosaur egg cake pops to go with the hoard. The best part of making cake pops is that they can be made with leftover cake and thus saves you from the trouble of baking a fresh cake every time youwant make cake pops. Just make sure that the cake is moist and then let your creativity flow with dinosaur cake pops.


• 1 cake
• Green Candy melt
• 5 tbsp vanilla frosting
• White chocolate chips
• Black edible ink
• Confetti sprinkles of various colours
• Lollipop sticks


• Tear the cake into fine crumbs and combine them with the vanilla frosting until they form a uniform mixture.
• Take small portions of the crumbled cake mixture in your palm and roll them into small balls with a small snout-like extension in front.
• Dissolve the candy melts, dip ¼ of each stick into the melted candy and thrust them into small cake balls.
• Arrange them on a plate and let it set in the refrigerator for about 15 minutes.
• Once hardened, coat the cake balls into the melted blue candy and pay extra care to do away any excess candy melts.
• Wait for the cake pops to dry and then adorn them with the decorations.
• Insert the confetti sprinkles at the opposite side of the snout, arranging them in alternating colours.
• Cut the pointed tip of the white chocolate chips and attach it at proper place, using some candy melt as glue.
• Allow the cake pops to dry and then paint the black of the eye, lips and teeth of each dinosaur.
• The dino cake pops are ready to be enjoyed to the fullest!


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