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How to make mini pie pops

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How to make mini pie pops

Want to learn how to make mini pie pops? Here are 3 great mini pie pop recipes that you can learn from.  I try to pick recipes that have different favors so that readers can choose from a wider range of options. These mini pie pops makes for really great finger food and I will sure they will be welcomed at either wedding or at birthday parties.

Gluten free mini apple pie pops

I have posted about gluten free cake pops recipes before but this one is for an apple mini pie pop.  The recipe comes from Jules whose site speck of wholesome goodness. If you want to see more gluten free recipes, I recommend you to visit her site.

Click here to see the full recipe for the mini apple pie pops.

Peacon mini pie pops

This recipe is from the popular cooking channel tv show. The instructions are detailed but there is a lack of photos to show each step of the process. Nevertheless, you should be able to follow it even though minimal baking experience.

See the full recipe here.

White chocolate pie pops recipe

Here is the recipe for a tasty looking raspberry white chocolate pie pops. It is sponsored by Pillburys. The site will show you how to make these pie pops with their pie crust prodicts. Of course, you can always make your own pie crust : )

See the recipe here.

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