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How to make push up cake pops

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How to make push up cake pops

Here is 5 awesome push up cake pops recipes that are both easy to make and looks gorgeous. If you don’t know it, push up pops is becoming the next trend in making mini desserts. For those who want to try something that is related to cake pops, these push pops recipes can be something you can try.

Before going into the recipes, here are items that you might find useful when making your push pops

Push pops containers: 24 packs

These are absolutely needed when making push up pops. This 24 pack gives you the most value for money and is also highly rated in Amazon.

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Halloween push up cake pops recipe

This colorful recipe was created by betty crocker for halloween. it is an easy push up cake pop recipe to follow. The result, as the image above shows, is quite gorgeous.

See the recipe here.

Sponge push up cake pops recipe

If you like something softer, then this sponge push up cake pop is the ideal recipe for you. The strawberry favor make this recipe a very sweet and tasty treat that I am sure your kids will love!


Click here for the recipe from BBC.

Pumpkin push up cake pops recipe

Another great recipe from It is a pumpkin cake pop that is easy to make and looks very tasty from the image above. If you like something special for Halloween, then this is a great choice.

Check out the recipes for this push up cake pop here.

 Creamy push up cake pops

This creamy push up pops looks extremely delicious. I read through the recipe and it doesn’t look too difficult. If you are new at making push up pops, you might want to give this recipe a good.

Click here to see the recipe.

R2D2 push up cake pops

This is a super cute recipe which the author uses to create to make the push up pops look like R2D2. It doesn’t look like R2D2 but the color combination is spot on. If you are a star wars fan, this is a great recipe to try.

May the force be with you! Click here to see the recipe.

Hope you enjoy all these recipes for push up cake pops.


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