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How to prevent cake pops from cracking

0 Comments 14 May 2012

How to prevent cake pops from cracking

Welcome to the another edition of cake pops problems! In this article, I will show you the answer to ‘why my cake pops are cracking’ problem. Most of the time, there are several causes of why cake pops crack so we first need to help you identify what is your potential problem first.

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Problem 1: chocolate on cake pops cracking

If you are making chocolate cake pops, then a common problem is that your chocolate coating might be too thick. You need to tone it down so that it is not too heavy to cause your chocolate cake pops to crack. The easiest way is to mix your melted chocolate with paramount crystals or candy melts.

Problem 2: too cold during dipping

Another potential cause is that the cake pops are too cold when you are dipping them.  The ideal temperature is to leave them in the fridge for around 10-15 mins before doing the dipping. Don’t freeze them prior to the dipping because this is surely cause them to crack during the dipping process.

Problem 3: cakes pops are too tightly rolled

If you rolled the cake pops too tightly, there will be no sufficient space for them to expand when they are warmed. This problem can also occur if you dipped the cake pops directly after taking them out from the freezer. The best way is to leave the cake pops for about 10 minutes after being taken from the freezer before dipping them.

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