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Owl cake pops recipe

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Owl cake pops recipe

Owl cake pops are among the cutest animal and using them as inspirations for your cake pops designs is a surefire way to produce cute cake pops. Surprising, there are a number of different owl cake pop recipes you can try. Each of the recipe featured here leads to a different looking owl. Depending on your preference, I am there is a owl cake pop design that you will love.

Chocolate owl cake pops

Chocolate owl cake pops are by far the most common type of owl designs that you will find. Who can blame them? I love chocolate cake pops so it is not surprising to see so many food bloggers trying to make this recipe for their readers. For this particular recipe, the instructions are really detailed so you shouldn’t have problem following them.

Here is the link to see the full recipe.

Cute owl cake pops

I like how these owl cake pops look. My friends say they look like monkeys but I think they definitely do not. In fact, they have a unique look that make this recipe different from other owl cake pops recipe.

See the full recipe here.

Pink owl cake pops

If you like something different, this pink owl cake pops will surely make heads turn. The ingredients used are fairly basic but the use of the pink color makes the whole cake pops stand up

If you want to learn how to make owl cake pops, check this recipe out.


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