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Peanut butter cake pops recipe

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Peanut butter cake pops recipe

After chocolate, peanut butter is my next favorite taste. Hence, I have put together a great list of peanut butter cake pops recipes that anyone can use to create their own cake pops. If you liked my chocolate cake pops recipe post, you are going to love this post as well.

Chocolate peanut butter cake pops

Here is one of favorite cake pops recipe: a chocolate peanut butter cake pop. In fact there are of different ways to do it. For example, you can create a peanut butter cake and chocolate as the coating or vice versa. Below are recipes that uses different approaches to creating a delicious chocolate peanut butter cake pop.

Above is the recipe for a peanut butter cake pops dipped in chocolate: click here to see the recipe

Above is the recipe for a chocolate cake pops with peanut butter filling: click here to see the recipe

Above is the recipe for a chocolate cake pop dipped in peanut butter: click here for the recipe

I hope these 3 examples will give you sufficient ideas and info on how to make chocolate peanut butter cake pops.

Peanut butter jelly cake pops recipe

Peanut butter jelly cake pops are so delicious and so easy to make. If you haven’t try them before, I suggest following the recipe link below. Lizzy (who is the creator of this recipe) has a very nice food blog that you should take a look.

Click here for this wonderful recipe.

Peanut butter teddy bear cake pops

If you liked to have some characters as your peanut butter cake pops, then this recipe will teach you how to make these adorable teddy bears that are coated either with peanut butter or chocolate.

Click here for this recipe.

Peanut butter brownie cake pops

If you are looking for an easy cake pops recipe, this peanut butter brownie cake balls might be what you are looking for. All you need to make this is to first bake and shaped them into balls while they are hot. Then, just dip them in chocolate and sprinkle some toppings.

See the detail recipe here.

Here is another recipe to make peanut butter brownie cake pops. One reason why people love them because they are less mushy than normal cake.

Peanut butter cheese cake pops

Finally, we have this delicious peanut butter cheese cake pops, bought to you by Rebekah. Besides cake pops, she also does different dessert recipes that you might want to take a look.

See her peanut butter cheese cake pops recipe here.

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