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Unique cake pops designs

0 Comments 21 June 2012

Unique cake pops designs

Cake pops designs are numerous now as more and more food bloggers are creating them. Besides the normal chocolate cake pops and vanila cake pops, we are seeing lots of creative and unique designs. Below are some of the most interesting cake pops designs that I have found:

Mushroom cake pops

If you liked super mario brothers, you should be similar with these super cute mushroom cake pops.

Turkey cake pops


Want some deserts for your Thanks Giving dinner? How about these lovely turkey cake pops? Don’t they look super cute?

Tulip cake pops

Some lovely tulip cake pops designs we have here. If you want to see the recipe, you can find it here. (Unfortunately, you need to register to be able to see the recipe). Click here to see more flower cake pops recipes.

Margarita cake pops

You can buy these margarita cake pops from if you lived in that area. This cake pop company is based in Alexandria Virgina.

Owl cake pops

Owl lovers, this cute female owl cake pops should what you are looking for.

Love you love these 5 unique cake pops designs!

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